Wartime rape: weapon, ‘lust crime’ or an exalted form of misogyny? – a short study on wartime rape

As part of my studies in Sciences Po, Paris I had the chance to do research on the topic myself. I was presented with the opportunity to write a final paper for one of my classes, concentrating on military operations in Africa. I have chosen the topic of wartime rape. I have worked with the example of the Rwandan genocide, since it was very well documented, to examine the role and status of rape in conflict. While the study does not offer an exhaustive analysis of all the reasons of wartime, it takes the first steps of research to understand the reasons behind. I also discuss some of the consequences on an individual and society level.

You can access the study here: Read “Wartime rape: weapon, ‘lust crime or an exalted form of misogyny?”

To read more on the topic, check out Susan Brownmiller’s book “Against Our Own Will”. Published in 1975, this has been one of the first milestones of the research done on wartime rape.

Check out also Paul Kirby’s study, that I have shared in Useful resources. Kirby offers a very interesting perspective on the debate.


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