Fighting prostitution in Kigali

What are the ways out of prostitution? How to help someone quit the streets, and more importantly how to keep them from having to return?

Orignial article by Yvan Ngabiwe, published in Family Magazine, accessible here.

A recent training in Kigali, provided by the Holy Nation Revival Church was trying to achieve just that. Thirty-four women prostitutes, and six drug-addicted men were gathered together following the call of the Church in Nyarugenge District, Rwezamenyo Sector, Biryogo cell of Kigali and offered a training that would help them start a new life. The six-month training gave the chance to the participants become tailors and hairdressers.

With the six months over, the forty participants just celebrated their graduation on the 19th of October. After their graduation, the participants will start working in a shop that was established by the Holy Nation Revival Church for this purpose, thus ensuring that they would be able to financially sustain themselves and not return to the streets. The Church, together with RSSB has equally provided the successful participants with a health-insurance plan.



Some of the graduates holding the one-year health insurance plan certifciate

During the graduation ceremony, the leader of the Church, Pastor Thomas pointed out that the Church took the decision to help these people as a way of changing their lives, and the lives of people living around them. Through this initiative, they were hoping also to contribute to the government’s efforts to fight prostitution.

Joining to this though, the Executive Secretary of the Sector reflected on the consctious decision of organising the graduation ceremony in the area from which the participants were from, hoping that their success will inspire others in their environment, and improve the security and welfare of people living in the neighbourhood.

Annonciata Niragire, one of the participants of the training, and now a graduate told us her story during the ceremony: “I have been in prostitution for three years now, but didn’t get anything out of it. The money was lost. The only thing I can remember from that job is how people would not pay sometimes, or humiliate and even beat me after. I was even jailed sometimes.”

Access the original article here.



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