A glimpse into the Kigali “Walk to End Violence Against Women and Girls”


Check out this short video from the Walk to End Violence Against Women and Girls held on the 24th of November, in Kigali. We went there with my colleague, Yvan to document the walk and a very good friend who took the video (thanks, Mia!!).

The walk was organised by the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion in collaboration with Social Cluster Ministries and other stakeholders as an opening to the “16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls” (25th November – 10th of December)”

Quite an impressive amount of people came together to participate, and – along with the large crowd of police officers and soldiers representing the State – we made our ways from the Parliament to the Remera Stadium, holding banners and not caring much about the rain. We arrived to see the stadium already filled with representants of different NGOs working on women’s rights, and a lot of people (men and women equally) from different backgrounds. Interestingly enough, the Walk was not very publicised (for example it was not possible to find it online), so presumably everyone who was there got them through their respective organisations or heard from it from a friend. As it is common at such events, long speeches were held by the representants of different Ministries and even some families who have experienced domestic violence were invited to share their stories.



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