Food for thought for today : “What happened when I discovered my brother was a sexual predator” by Jared Goyette

A fascinating read of the personal story of Jared Goyette. Read the excerpt below and the full article here published by the Guardian yesterday.

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In his book The Macho Paradox, Jackson Katz argues that sexual assault is a men’s issue. Men commit the vast majority of rapes, and men have a special responsibility to hold both themselves and other men accountable for how they treat women and girls.
“Men have to think about what role they play, and how they can use whatever platform of influence they have to make it unacceptable for men to act out in sexist and harmful ways,” Katz told me. “Not because they are nice guys, helping out the women, but because they have a responsibility as men in a sexist society. If they don’t speak out, and they don’t use whatever influence they have, then in a sense they are part of the problem.”

But, as San pointed out, it’s all-too-easy to do that in a tweet or a Facebook post, when the man in question is a celebrity who is being publicly shamed.

The real work begins where you can have most impact – closer to home.


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