Mapping Violence on the streets of Paris

On the 24th of February, I took to the streets of Paris with a huge sandwich board on my body.

The red and black letters painted on the front sandwich board said: “What would you think of me if  I told you I was raped?” , – just imagine people’s faces when they saw me approach them with that. If they were ready to talk to me, I turned and showed them my other question, painted on the back of the sanwdich board: “Why is there so much violence against women?”

Riding the Paris metro with my sandwich board

I walked around for hours, staring into the faces of people, trying to engage them in a dialogue on rape and sucking in all the negative and positive reactions I got.

The result? plenty of empathetic looks, some interesting and some uncomfortable reactions, and a lot of inspiration for the Mapping Violence Project!

Today, you can see the final cut of the street sutvey here: Mapping Violence Street survey

Enjoy, and don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles!

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